Our Story – Rejuvenate and Reinvigorate

Tim and Kate first rode the Blue Derby mountain bike trails in 2016 and were blown away by what they found. The vision and determination of the local Council to reinvigorate the township of Derby by building what has now become recognised as one of the best trail networks in the Country inspired us to play a part.

Tim had been working far and wide as an engineer for 30+ years and was in need of rejuvenation and reinvigoration after his last fly-in, fly-out contract ended.

Kate is originally from the North East and we decided to invest in the area, and bought cottages to renovate and provide accommodation options for visitors to the area. We have worked hard providing a high standard of accommodation for guests from all over the world and enjoy being able to be part of this exciting chapter of Derby’s history.

Looking for the next level of involvement we took advantage of the opportunity to make a submission to council to purchase the Derby Tin Centre. They had faith in our plan and so began our next opportunity to contribute to the rejuvenation of Derby, and the reinvigoration of ourselves: Tin Mountain.

Our Plan

Tin Mountain will be a venue for visitors and locals alike to base their mountain bike adventure in Derby. Providing high quality accommodation, dining and space to relax alongside the Blue Derby Trails.

The first stage is happening now and will provide quality accommodation which will be available from spring 2019.

Our future plans include the reinvigoration of the Tin Centre with plans to install a brew house and tap room where we can share our passion for crafting session ales and lagers for locals and visitors alike.

Why Tin Mountain?

Derby, Weldborough and the neighbouring settlements are steeped in tin mining history. The Chinese tin miners who settled in the area called the Blue Tier Tin Mountain. We named our development Tin Mountain in recognition of the history of the area and of the early pioneers who contributed to the area’s first success. We’re committed to adding to what Derby has to offer on this pivotal site and enhance the Derby experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tin Mountain soon.

Kate & Tim.

  Tin Mountain - Your Adventure Starts Here

Tin Mountain